Steel Pipe Bar Straight Machine

Based on 15 years manufacture and design experience,our machines have been exported to Russia Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Iran, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

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wire straightening machine

General Description:

Yantai Haige Machine Tools Co.,Ltd. was built in 1999, which specializes in producing steel finishing equipment, such as wire straightening machine, Series JY Bar Straightening Machine, Abrasive Belt Ginder, Drawing Machine,Shot Blasting Machine, Centerless Grinding Machine, CNC skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine and Auxiliary Machine etc.We also engage in continuous hard chrome plating equipment and heat treatment equipment.

Main Technical Parameters:

material requirementsdiameter range(mm)20
surface hardness≤HB320
yeild strength(Mpa)σb≤1000
straightness(mm/m)≤3.0 for peeler material; ≤4.0 for black material 
diameter tolerance≤h10 for peeler material;d-2-GB/T702-2004 for black material
roundness≤50% of diameter tolerance
surface roughness(Ra)≤6.3μm for peeled material
after straighteningstraightness(mm/m)≤0.3 for peeled material;≤1.0 for black material
surface roughness(Ra)≤0.8μm for peeled material;better than raw material for black material
diameter tolerance≤h9 for peeled material:better than raw material for black material
number of roller(pcs)2
roller diameter(mm)Φ335
feeding speed(m/min)2~14
main motor(kw)45kw X 2
Lifting motor(kw)3
total capacity(kw)100

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Bar Straightening


Series JY straightening machine is mainly used for precision straightening for the metal bar after peeling or granding and pre-straightening  for the metal bar.

The machine adopted special  curve between upper concave and the lower convex two straightening rolls to realize calendering and straightening at the same time,which greatly improved the working efficiency. 

Series JY two-rolls Straightening Machine consists of two-beams and four-columns structure,prestressed structure and frame structure.

bar straightening.jpg




1.Fast feeding and straightening speed,which can reach 10-30m/min.

2.With special carves ,it can straighten and calender materials at the same time.

3.High precision.straighteness can be 0.15-0.4mm/m,surface roughness Ra≤0.8μm.




 Main Machine

The upper and lower body respectively install a straightening roller,the upper roller is concave ,the lower roller is convex.

According to the diameter and the material properties of the bar,respectively to adjust upper and lower straightening roller angle,electric lift part adjust the gap between the two straightening rolls,start the cooling lubrication system,driven by main motor,to complete calenderingand straightening at the same time.



Cooling Lubrication System



Cooling lubrications by cooling pump suction,through multiple pipelines from the front spray mozzle to the roll gap and the bar,playing cooling and lubricationing role.After converging,follow together into the coolant tank.Coolant tank design three layer protection filter,to ensure lubricating coolant cleaness.




Electrical System



The transmission system adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation,feeding system,adjustment system,cooling and lubricating system controled by AC power.



Entry Guide System and Exhaust System.jpg



The upper and lower cylinders respectively control the upper and lower nylon rollers lifting,meanwhile,two motors drive two nylon rollers rotating.Then clamp the bars entering the entrance of the guide sleeve.
Two nylon rollers clamp the workpieces and asssure the workpiece not easy to slip,reliable work.





 Auxiiliary Machine


Automatic loader and unloader,greatly saving labor cost.

After straightening,all the collection racks are equiped with protective layer to avoid any scratches.



Optimum straightening effect, even with high strength materials
Straightener roll from alloyed and hardened chrome steel

 Two-roll principle with concave upper roller and convex bottom roller to ensure that the ends are straightened

♦ Lateral guidance of the bar to be straightened between the straightener rolls by special guide ledges

♦ Long striaghtening roller life due to coolant lubrication


Packaging Show

Packaging Detail:

The first layer

wrapping with foam film and stretch film for the special components, in order to avoid moisture.

Second layer

inside of plywood box, adopting small square plywood block and strapping belt to fix.

Third layer

the machine itself has screw fixing holes, so it can be tightly fixed on the bottom of the plywood box through screw and nut.

Fourth layer

in a container, by compact layout, reducing the gap between boxes to avoid shaking. At the same time, reinforcing between the bottom of the container and plywood boxes once again, furthermore using hanging steel wire protection.

 Outside wooden case with export fumigation

 Export packiing



Company profile

Company Profile:

Yantai  Haige Machine Tools Co.,Ltd was built in 1999,which specializes in producing steel finishing equipment,such as series WXC Centerless Lathe(Bar Peeling Machine),Series JY Bar Straightening Machine,Abrasive Belt Grinder(Belt Sander Polishing Machine),Drawing Machine,Shot Blasting Machine,Centerless Grinding Machine,CNC Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine and Auxiliary Machine etc.We also engage in plating equipment and heat treatment equipment.


Based on 15 years manufacture and design experience,our machines have been exported to Russia,Vietnam,India,Pakistan,South Korea,North Korea,Taiwan Province and other countries and regions.

Factory real landscape:

 Processing Machinery


 Accessories Area


 Administrative Area


We regard customer's satisfaction as our unremitting pursuit.



About our service

About Our Service:

A.Warranty period:1 year except for fast-wearing parts.

B.Immediate response when get informed of machine problem.

C.The machine operators of buyer's can be trained in our factory for free.

D.Provide long term free technical support.

E.If necessary,we can dispatch our well-trained and professional engineers to our customer's factories to help them with the machine installation and commissioning.

F.Customized design is available.OEM&ODM are welcomed.



Bright steels,Non-ferrous metals such as copper,titanium,magnesium,aluminum,Fasteners,

Auto parts,Springs,Hydraulics,Bearings,Machining.

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FAQ.jpg   Q&A    

1.Are you manufacturer or trading company?

We are professional manufacturer and we have more than 10 years experience in this field.We have our own factory.

Besides,at the end of 2014,we was just estabilished a trading company.

2.How many employees are there in your factory?

Approximately 150 persons.

3.Do you have your own R&D team?How many design engineers do you have?

Yes,we have our own R&D team.More than 10 persons.

4.Which countries have your machines been exported to now?

Russia,South Korea,North KOrea,Pakistan,India,Vietnam,Taiwan,etc.

We regard our customer's satisfaction as our unremitting pursuit.


Contact Information:

contact 最终_副本





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