Roller Straightening Machines

The round steel bar straightening machine is a straightening equipment for the metal bar,bar,pipe and wire rod.

Product Details

The round steel bar straightening machine is a straightening equipment for the metal bar,bar,pipe and wire rod.The straightening machine squeezes the rod through the straightening roller to change its straightness.It usually has two rolls of straightening rollers.The roller is rotated by the rotating rod or the friction of the pipe.For the straightening transmission system, the transmission mode of motor,reducer gear distribution box,safety coupler and universal coupling to the straightening roller is generally adopted.During its producing process,the quality of it is always strictly controlled.Rollers are adjustable to the desired position,the machines can be offered with stepless variable speed.

The technical parameters of model JY100A straightening machine as below:


JY100A (precision straightener)

Raw Material

Diameter Rangemm

Tensile Strength σb≤450M pa

Φ25≤d≤Φ90L 3000

(excluding drawing material)

Tensile Strength σb≤1500M pa

Φ25≤d≤Φ60L 3000

Roller Quantity (Pcs)


Roller Diameter (mm)


Straightening Feeding Speed(m/min)

2~12infinitely adjustable-speed

Host Machine Motor Power (KW)


Lifting Motor Power (KW)


Host Machine Outline Dimensions





Total Capacity KW


Compressed Air Source

0.5~0.8MPa1.8m3/min. Two-stage oil-water separator

user prepare by themselves

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