High Speed Circular Saw Cutting Machine With Auxiliary Device

High Speed Circular Saw Cutting Machine With Auxiliary Device

High-Speed Metal Circular Saw Machine I.machine composition This equipment mainly by machine bed, power head, feed system, clamping device, automatic feeding device, bearing frame, material feeding device, feeding device, hydraulic system, electrical system, spray cooling system, automatic...

Product Details

High-Speed Metal Circular Saw Machine

I.machine composition

This equipment mainly by machine bed, power head, feed system, clamping device, automatic feeding device, bearing frame, material feeding device, feeding device, hydraulic system, electrical system, spray cooling system, automatic lubrication system, scraper type chip, cooling device, the saw blade cutting fluid cleaning device etc.

1.Machine tool bed

Lathe bed main body made up by high quality and high strength material, is key parts for machine tool equipment, With overall good rigidity, high strength, impact resistance, small deformation, shock absorption performance outstanding etc, can significantly improve the machine's overall rigidity and stability and reliability of machine tool cutting.

2.Power head parts:

Whole gear box is be made by special material with high quality and strength features.high strength,impact resistance,superior drive gear be made by special heat treatment and exact grinding,meanwhile adopt the gear backlash mechanism to achieve zero backlash transmission,ensure the long life and steady efficiently transmission.proper stable system of sawblade can improve the rigid of clamping device,deduce the vibrations,deflection,enable the working life and precision of sawblade.

3.Feeding system

The high precision ball screw and saw blade box sliced type feed driven by servo motor,quickly and accurately cut the workpiece.   

4.Clamping device

Be composed of three groups of level clamping device and a group of vertical clamping device. The two sets of before and after the main clamping device can clamping and loosening of at the same time, more effective guarantee the reliability of the clamping and cutting process stability.

5.Automatic feeding device

Automatic feeding control high precision ball screw adopts AC servo mode, the feeding accuracy guaranteed. The new design of automatic deflection device using a new type of unique vice deflection, which does not affect the accuracy of feeding and automatic feeding, and can completely realize the vise jaw protection and surface abrasion, also can prevent the resulting security risks.

6.The material bearing frame

Raw material conveying device: the material bearing frame is lined up to be cut of raw materials, the longest length can be placed 6m tube and rod materials. Raw material conveying device comprises a free trolley type roller conveyer, roller conveyer, chain conveyor, conveyor trolley, lifting cylinder unit, its main role every time a bar from the bearing frame smoothly conveyed to the free roller conveyer on the automatic feeding near the jaws, finally to realize the automatic feeding and create conditions, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, and reduce the cutting time, and is an ideal special transfer device for large workpiece.

7.Automatic material separator

Can be convenient material head, tail collection processing, automatically end and separation of the finished product and put.

8.Hydraulic device

be assembled by oil tank、focus block、oil hydraulic pump、hydraulic component、execute component etc,all adopt international famous brand - oil hydraulic parts, low failure rate, reliable performance, stable and reliable to achieve a variety of programs.

9.Electric system

be assembled by electical cabinet,touch screen,key-board,PLC,driving motor,contactor, relay,heat exchanger,swith and auxiliary component etc. whole process monitor,exclusive the unloading shelf,from auto setting till completed cutting,include the head and tail material all be cutted auto-completly.prefect working,every safety protective device can make sure all the steps when its working.

10.Mist cooling device

Adopt imported brand spray cooling and lubrication system, this system adopts the environmental protection cutting oil for precise measurement way of minimal quantities of lubricant. Carefully designed nozzle to the sawtooth spraying high efficient cutting oil, in order to reduce the generation of heat cutting.

11.Oil mist filtering device (optional)

smoke gas mixture of pollutants into the primary purification rectifying cavity, cavity of the special structure of balanced rectifier of pollutants at the same time, the oil droplet particles by electrostatic adsorption interception, water liquid separated by centralized recovery. The flue gas from oil and water enters the secondary gate high pressure field. The fume gas is ionized, decomposed, adsorbed, carbonized, and produced in the field by the active factor ozone (03) at the same time. Through the above two levels of purification, can make the removal rate of more than 95%.

12.Coolant pump device
Can automatically realize the workpiece cooling cutting fluid, at the same time, according to the requirements of different materials can be realized and the switch of spray cooling system and sharing function.

Technical Parameter




TCT saw blade



Diameter range



Clamping mode

Horizontal&vertical clamp

Blade rotational speed


12-180frequency stepless)




Hydraulic system pressure



Automatic feeding drive


1.5 (AC Servo Motor, ball screw)

Cutting drive


2 (AC Servo Motor, ball screw)

No tail function process


1 (AC Servo Motor, ball screw)


Oil mist spraying cooling

Length of automatic feeding


Max.length 800

Accuracy of feeding



Head length range


10-100  100-150

Mini. Tail length


Guaranteed not influenced by machine structure,ensure that the last one material can be saw as general.

Oil tank capacity



Compressed air



Chip removal mode

Automatic scraper type



L=7180  W=2980  H=1750   

Weight (main machine + loader&unloader)



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