Rotational Molding Cooler Box,portable Freezer Rotomolded Cooler

rotational molding cooler box,portable freezer ,rotomolded cooler

Product Details

The cooler tank package: plastic wrapped or as requested;

The length,width,height and weighte are as requested.

The process of rotational moulding:

Plastic powder is placed into a heated hollow mold(which we also design and provide) and continuously rotated so it melts and disperses evenly around the inside edges of the mold. The rotation continues during both the heating and cooling phases. After cooling, the object shrinks and comes away from the mold, allowing for easy removal.

The rotomolded products we produce includes:

1. various portable cooler used in many scenarios:fishing,camping,hunting,BBQs,outdoor activities and any gathering together events.

2. Various boxes,bins, tanks,containers,pallets which used in medical sector,agriculture sector,factories or leisure time:such as medical refrigerated containers,mechanical tool box,water tank,oil tank,fuel tank,farm chemical tank and so on.

3. Playground sets used in kindergartens or public parks:such as swing sets, slides,seesaws&teeter totters,playhouses,ladders,playsets,bounce houses,spring riders,crawl tunnels and so on.

4. Outdoor furniture and supplies:Park benches,picnic tables and chairs.

5. All kinds of Gym equipment .

6. Traffic facilities:road blocks etc.

7. Water play equipment:canoes,boats,kayaks,pontoons and so on.


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