Three Common Grinding Methods For The Grindless Grinder

- Feb 04, 2018-

There are many kinds of grinding methods for the grindless grinder, such as the end feed method, the feed method, the positioning feed method and so on. The following are only a brief introduction to the three common methods.

(1) the end feed method. This method is used to grind the conical workpiece mainly, and some of the workpiece can be grinded by the feed method and the positioning feed method. The grinding wheel, the guide wheel or the two must be trimmed to the desired cone. The installation of the grinding wheel, the guide wheel and the bracket is generally similar to the feeding device. The workpiece is pushed between the grinding wheel and the guide wheel from the feeding port to the fixed end.

(2) through the feed method. This method is used to grind the straight cylindrical workpiece. In the grinding operation, the position of the grinding wheel, guide wheel and plate are fixed, and the workpiece is continuously fed into the grinding wheel by the axial input of the guide wheel. This method can assemble V groove and guide plate or automatic feeding device for convenient operation, so that it can work continuously and improve work efficiency.

(3) the positioning feed method of the unintentional grinder. This method is used to grind the forming parts of the strip head or multi section size. The length of grinding is limited to the shorter than the grinding wheel because of the non axial progress of the workpiece. The work table of the workpiece is made of the working table with the guide wheel to the grinding wheel, which stops the position, that is, the workpiece is grinded to finish the size. The workpiece is sent in, grinding and cutting the workpiece for intermittent operation, and the working efficiency is poor. However, the working efficiency can be improved by installing the circulating equipment of automatic feeding and cutting the knife.