The Working Principle Of Two Roll Straightening Machine.

- Feb 04, 2018-

The curvature of the curved metal rod is different in the direction of the curvature. The two roll straightener can bend the metal rod repeatedly to eliminate the inhomogeneity of the curvature. So that the metal tube is straight.

Each roll of the two roll straightener makes the deformation amount of the metal rod is different. Generally, two kinds of correction plan: large deformation correction plan and small deformation correction plan.

Large deformation correction scheme: due to the change of the original curvature of the corrected metal and the difficulty of accurate determination, the large deformation correction plan is often used in the production.

Small deformation correction scheme: the so-called small deformation correction scheme is assumed that each roll straightening machine line of work roll adjusted separately, and each roll reduction adjustment principle is: enter the roll of metal after stress and inflection, its biggest original curvature should be completely eliminated, the part is flat.

The pressure of the correction roll: the pressure applied to the correction roller can be calculated by the bending moment required by the corrected metal, and the metal is regarded as a continuous beam with many concentrated loads. Transmission power of two roll straightener: transmission power is related to torque and curvature.