Polishing Machine Operation And Precautions

- Feb 04, 2018-

1. Preparation before operation:

1) check whether the buren hexagon holder is in clamping state.

2) check whether the electrical limit switch is in reset condition.

2. Operation operation:

The operation mode of the machine is equipped with automatic operation mode and manual operation mode.

When operating, start the main motor first, then the polished parts are clamped on the jig and pushed into the guide board of the workbench.

At this point, if select automatic operation mode, machinery automatic centring operation (caused by the clamp pressure micro switch), at the same time, the workbench will sync up vertically in a horizontal oscillation and grinding time work.

When the timing is terminated (that is, a grinding cycle ends).

Bern opens automatically, and the table stops moving after exiting.

Then prepare the next batch of work-pieces to enter.

In addition, manual operation mode can be selected and manually operated by pressing the button.

3. Additional equipment:

In order to meet the need of local lighting or trimming of work-piece, the machine is equipped with (stop forward) button to stop the workbench operation.

Considering the safety problem, the machine also added (emergency stop) hand lever, which can cut off the power quickly.

4. Precautions:

1) when operating, ensure that the work clamps are clamped on top of the fixture to enter the workbench.

2) when waxing, use your right hand to get the wax, put your left hand on the hand lever, and hold your body. The wax is smooth and moving fast on the Bunuel.

3) in view of the nature of mechanical work, special attention should be paid to the daily cleaning and maintenance work, which should be lubricated periodically to ensure its full lubrication, such as bearing, guide rail, screw nut and so on.

4) the training is on the job, the special person is responsible for the special machine, avoiding the accident of personal and equipment.