Our Routine Bussness Getting Normal

- Mar 19, 2020-

The novel coronavirus disease has been under control effectively in China, even in Hubei. In yantai, people's life is getting normal, and companies have started to resume since the beginning of March.

Our company (Yantai Haige ) is working in normal order whatever in workshop or in office, all members of staff are making all-out efforts in production and marketing. In orde to better service our clients and provide technical support, we have to adopt video conference and online communication to guide our client as some countries temporarily restrict foreign people entry due to the disease spreading globally.

Here, we hope the companies who are seeking our products such as peeling machine, straightening machine, drawing machine, electroplating machine and heat treatment equipment ect. can contact us via email or on phone directly.

We give our best wishes to the people and countries who suffered from this terrible contagion, and hope they will defeat the disease as soon as possible.