Main Technical Features Of Haige's Bar Peeling Machine

- Nov 29, 2018-

Ø Main technical features:

1.The operation of the whole machine is two controlled by two sets of manner :touch screen and button station, PLC programming control of key parts, multi-point automatic monitoring, high degree of automation.

2.The feeding and output device has designed an automatic centering mechanism, which can automatically and conveniently adjust when the material diameter changes, and ensure the concentricity with the spindle.

3.The front guide clamping device is designed with cam-type double roller clamping structure, which has the stable characteristic of sliding brush type guide and does not scratch the material,High positioning accuracy and easy adjustment

4.The oil -air lubrication device is designed for the spindle device, which belongs to the new generation of replacement productsThe processing efficiency and durability have been significantly improved

5.The main spindle rotational speed is designed by the combination of two-shift gear speed and frequency conversion, which adapts to the widely range diameter.

6.The combination of elastic clamping and rigid clamping is designed in the middle &rear guide clamping device to meet the different requirements of different users for machining materials, precision and ease of use.

7.The hydraulic compression device adopts the special hydraulic circuit design which has the        advantages of long holding time, energy saving, good self-locking ability, accurate position, reliable compression, convenient adjustment and operation.

8.Long cutting edge distance, smooth machining and high material speed

9. The feeding wheel adapt wide range, does not need to change the wheel frequently, works efficiently.

10.The cutting tool can feed compensation without stopping, and the machining precision is high.

11.The output operation is carried by trolley, the proportional valve of oil cylinder runs smoothly, the clamping intensity is high and it is not easy to slide.