Learn To Choose Wire Peeling Machine

- Feb 04, 2018-

With the rapid development of wireless networks emerge in an endless stream and a variety of electronic information products, a new industry chain is the rapid development on the wire stripping machine production enterprises, according to a 2014 report on the national statistical agencies, a total of 981 wire stripping machine manufacturer, compared to 2013 increased by 64, but most follow the trend, the enterprise development level is not high, developed the product function, low processing efficiency, accuracy is not high, even directly buy cheap parts after direct sales, customer satisfaction with the quality of the industry seriously affected

1. Materials and accessories

Now most of the domestic manufacturers to reduce costs are used in stripping machine of domestic production of materials and accessories, but such a stripping machine from the processing efficiency and machining precision can not meet the development speed of wire harness industry, such as a blade of imports compared to domestic blade durability more than three times, and is more wide, want to know the stripping the machine is composed of components can see "the wire stripping machine and the corresponding function"

Two. Development and design

Now most domestic manufacturers still remain in the assembly stage, can not guarantee the performance and quality requirements of equipments, automatic wire processing equipment is the integration of mechanical and electrical products, some products also need to machine, electricity and gas, light, magnetic and other technique, high technology content, difficult to develop, choose a self-developed patent the producers. It is also an insurance for the wire harness production line.

Three wire speed.

As the wire harness automatic processing equipment in the quality assurance of the situation, how to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency and quality, make automated production to replace the traditional hand processing is R & D stripping machine of the mind, stripping speed directly reflects the performance of the equipment, wire stripping machine processing speed and the market general average of only 1500-3500 /H. The stripping speed better materials and parts production can reach 3000-7000 /H, and the independent research and development, using imported materials and parts production of wire stripping machine brand Yingang processing speed is 6000-10000 times greater than the speed of /H, an industry first lattice stripping machine.

Four precision of stripping.

Cable processing industry is a high precision production speed accuracy requirements, is bound to be defective, ensure the accuracy and speed can be not affected is fine, according to the different requirements of the requirements of the standard precision wire, are not the same. Only reached the industry standard - 0.01MM stripping machine to ensure the stability of cable processing.

Five. The effect of processing

Long stable production is a production enterprise all desire, but inferior stripping machine because of its rough process, long production is easy to occur in the inner core, peel off skin residue or indentation, significantly different lengths of cable, increase the cost of poor quality enterprises, stripping machine can not only provide improvement in production efficiency also, to help enterprises poor control cost, improve profits.

Six. Working voice

When inside a stripping machine parts rough, process design is not reasonable, which most probably it did not actually happen the noise at work is great, seriously affect the whole workshop environment, so listen to the sound from the hand stripping can reflect the production of professional processing equipment.

Summary: from the above six can see, buy a high quality wire confidential from material selection, design, starting with the practical processing effect and so on, and bring to cable processing enterprises is not only the production efficiency, cost control is also bad