How Do Two Roll Straighteners Operate Correctly?

- Feb 04, 2018-

Straightening machine is a straightening device for metal profile, rod, tube, wire, etc., and it is extruded by straightening roller to change the straightness. The operation of straightening machine is also relatively strict and professional. The following is an example of two rolls straightening machine, so as to share the operation flow of the two rolls straightening machine, hoping to help you:

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the hydraulic oil, gearbox and gear oil of the transmission box are full.

2. Before starting the main motor, adjust the corner check and adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic system.

3. Inject lubricating oil into each lubricating point to check the operation condition of the mechanical transmission part to make it operate flexibly.

4. The operator shall wear the labor protection articles, and shall not leave the post after starting up.

5. After the oil temperature and oil pressure in the hydraulic station reach stable, the straightening roller is raised to the initial position.

6. Artificial material, the steel pipe is sent to the third straightening roller after straightening roller pressure clamp.

7. Start the main motor, and the steel tube is rotated forward and straightened.

8. The motor stops, straightening roll stops straightening, the straightening roll is raised, and the straightening steel pipe is sent out.

Nine, if need to reverse straightening, can use the reverse knob on the operating table, make the host reverse, carry on the reverse straightening.

10. The main motor stops, the straightening roll stops straightening, the steel tube is returned to the starting position, and the next straightening program instruction is to be repeated.

11. After shutdown, close the total power supply and cannot change the program controller at will.