(15-40mm) Bar To Bar Peeling Machine(CNC Type)

- Dec 21, 2018-

Basic Info

Raw material


l Specifications: Φ15~Φ40mm,mainly 15-25mm, Length:2.5-7.3m

l Material composition: All kind of Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Spring Steel, Bearing Steelheat treated steel, free cutting steel, valve steel, hardened & tempered steel.

l Speed  &  productivity chart as follows:



Product Description


Input power


Input voltage

three  phase 380v 50-60HZ

Oscillation frequency







The main processing machine is pre-stress structure with four-pillars. There is a straightening roller on upper and lower machine boy separately. The upper roller is concave, the lower roller is convex. According to the diameter and characteristics of raw material, we need to adjust the two rollers angle separately. For electrical lift part, we need to adjust the gap between two rollers. Start the cooling and lubrication system, the straightening and polishing of raw material is finished at one time under the driving of main transport device.


l There is a hydraulic protection system near the bottom rolls. It is the biggest difference between pre-straightening machine and precision straightening machine.

Remark: there is hydraulic cylinder +piston body. The hydraulic oil controls the pressure and action, to protect the straightening roller if any suddenly accident.

The hydraulic cylinder stroke is about 20mm( more or less).

l There is a V-type guide bushing ,which can ensure raw materials smoothly .

l Overloading protection device & scram botton.

l Sound in running is about 105db. Generally, during the main machine is running, only very slight sound. Only when the material fall down on the loading and unloading table , it can cause bigger sound.