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719.CNC horizontal and vertical machining center CNC horizontal machining center has many advantages and can be widely used in the fields of mechanical manufacture,chemical engineering,automobile,steamer ship etc.It is composed of the

Product Details

CNC horizontal and vertical machining center has many advantages and can be widely used in the fields of mechanical manufacture,chemical engineering,automobile,steamer ship etc.

The Main Specifications:



Maximum revolving diameter of bed mm


Maximum turning diameter on bed saddle mm


Maximum turning diameter mm


Maximum workpiece  length mm

710/620; 960/870; 1460/1370; 1960/1870;2960/2870

Maximum turning length mm

570/500; 820/750; 1320/1250; 1820/1750;2820/2750

Main shaft aperture mm


Main spindle bore diameter shaft head type


Spindle speed r/min

3 shift stepless     21-1620

H:162-1620  M:66-660  L:21-210     

The spindle taper hole

   The metric system 1:20

Spindle maximum output torque N.m


Fast forward speed(Max.)m/min

X axis: 6 (see the electrical parameter table of the specification for the specific value)

Z axis: 8 (see the electrical parameter table of the specification for the specific value)

Screw pitch mm

X to: 5            Z to: 6

Tool holder capacity

4(standard configuration)/6(select configuration)

Knife set width (mm)


Tool holder allows maximum tool section mm×mm


Tool post strokemm

X-direction :295/23 5 (six-position tool holder)

Z to: 600/850/1350/1850/2850

Tail sleeve diameter mm

φ75(φ80 Hydraulic tailstock)

Taper of tail sleeve MT No.

MT No.5(MT No.3 Hydraulic tail seat of spindle)

Maximum stroke of tail sleeve mm

150(130  Hydraulic tailstock)

Horizontal adjustment of tailstock mm


Main motor

7.5kWServo motor

Main drive triangle belt

B75 The root4

Machine tool dimensions(Length×width × height)mm× mm× mm


Packing dimension(Length×width × height)


308(325) 2×186×225

Machine tool net weight machine tool net weightkg


Hollow chuck through hole

φ52(Refer to chuck through hole)

note2:()The inner dimension is the size of machine tool with hydraulic station.

1 Good Structural Rigidity

1.1 Adopt high-strength low-stress cast iron materials and resin sand casting technology for bed, column, bed saddle, spindle box, work table, etc. And after twice of manual aging treatment, it has good stability, high strength and stable and reliable accuracy.

1.2 Adopt large span rail layout and precision grinding on the rail mounting surface, with high combined rigidity, and stability precision.


2 The Main Drive

2.1 The machine adopts direct connection between the digital AC spindle servo motor and spindle. The transmission gap is small, with low noise and high precision. The maximum speed of a standard spindle is 20000rpm.

2.2 The spindle components are provided by the professional producers in Taiwan, and the bearing brand is reputed. The spindle is carefully assembled in a constant-temperature plant through over 4h of temperature rise running test at the highest speed, as well as precision dynamic balance correction, to ensure its high-quality.

2.3 The spindle adopts a closed grease lubrication system which is running smoothly. It can also prevent the intrusion of air dust and chip fluid in order that the spindle bearing works in a contamination-free environment.

2.4 equipped with oil cooler, circulating cooling can be adopted to the spindle sleeve to control the spindle temperature rise, effectively protect of the spindle components and extend the spindle life.


3 Feed Drive

3.1 The feed drive system adopts direct link between all-digital AC servo motor and ball screw by coupling to reduce the transmission stages and improve response speed of the movement. The couplings are imported, with high strength and small inertia, to reduce the rotation inertia.

3.2 The ball screws are imported original Taiwan high-precision C3 screw (X, Y screw φ28 mm, Z screw φ30 mm); it is equipped with imported precision lock nut and flexible coupling, and it is reasonably pre-stretched before installation to eliminate errors in assembly.

3.3 All the three feed shafts adopt high-precision laser interferometer after assembly which can accurately measure the transmission link error and make compensation for the screw pitch and clearance in the system so that the shafts move their positions more accurately to ensure the accuracy of positioning and repeated positioning.

3.4 The three-way feed applies linear guide rail (width 30 mm). The rail span is large, taking into account the carrying capacity and making the machine response speed better.

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