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VPC800H high-speed vertical machining center is a high-tech product of mechanical and electrical integration, developed by our company on the basis of absorbing advanced technology domestically and abroad. The product can perfectly achieve high-speed processing through the breakthrough of speed and precision combination technology, and it can complete the milling, drilling, tapping and surface machining.

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CNC VPC800H High Speed Vertical Machining Center

Detailed Information

VPC800H high-speed vertical machining center is a high-tech product of mechanical and electrical integration, developed by our company on the basis of absorbing advanced technology domestically and abroad. The product can perfectly achieve high-speed processing through the breakthrough of speed and precision combination technology, and it can complete the milling, drilling, tapping and surface machining.  VPC900R is highly automatic and can be widely used in electronics, instrumentation, automobiles, motorcycles, military, medical equipment and other fields. Its main features are as follows:

1   Good Structural Rigidity
1.1 The machine tool base castings (including bed, column, bed saddle, spindle box and table, etc.) are made of high-strength cast iron material and casted in the resin sand production line. They are of high mechanical stability and thermal stability. The machine tool adopts bed body structure and thin-walled & multi-bar structure in which the bars are arranged reasonably. This improves the unit mass stiffness of casting, and that's why the rigidity of the machine tool is good.

2 The Main Drive
2.1 The machine adopts high strength synchronous belt for the drive from the digital AC spindle servo motor to the spindle, which can drive with good rigidity and high accuracy.
2.2 The spindle components are of high precision and high rigidity; the spindle bearings are import brand.
2.3 Adopt butterfly spring to achieve the tool tension and pneumatic hydraulic cylinder loosing tool. The broach mechanism has a tool-releasing and unloading device to reduce the stress on the spindle bearing while releasing tool, ensuring the stability of the spindle accuracy.
2.4 The spindle box is equipped with a heavy hammer or nitrogen balance mechanism, reducing the load of the vertical motor and improving the rapid response performance.

3 Feed Drive
3.1 The AC servo motor and the ball screw are directly linked by coupling to reduce the transmission stages and improve response speed of the movement. The couplings are imported, with high strength and small inertia, to reduce the rotation inertia. 
3.2 The ball screw nut was pre-tightened to reduce the gap between the nut and the raceway. The ball screw was reasonably pre-stretched during installation, which can not only eliminate the gap between the screw and the bearing but also reduce the thermal deformation in movement.
3.3 All the three feed shafts adopt high-precision laser interferometer after assembly which can accurately measure the transmission link error and make compensation for the screw pitch and clearance in the system so that the shafts move their positions more accurately to ensure the accuracy of positioning and repeated positioning.
3.4 The three-way feed applies linear roller guide (width 30 mm). The span of the guide rail is large, taking into account the carrying capacity and making the machine response speed better.

4 Lubrication System
4.1 The lubrication system is equipped with a centralized lubrication device, which regularly and quantitatively lubricates the guide rail and ball screw. 
4.2 The lubrication flow and lubrication time has been adjusted before leaving factory, so the user does not need to change them by himself.
4.3 The automatic and centralized lubrication device has alarm system, which works when the oil level is lower than the set value. At this time, the user needs to add lubricants timely.

5 Machine Cooling, Chip Removal
5.1 The work piece and the machine tool are cooled by high pressure spray coolant. Large flow of coolant is sprayed to cool the tool and the work piece during machining.
5.2 Optionally, the machine can be equipped with automatic chip removal device, so that chip removal is more convenient.

6 Pneumatic System
6.1 The FR&L are standard configuration to filter the impurities and moisture in order to prevent damage and corrosion by the impurities.
6.2 The functions of the pneumatic system are controlled by PLC program through solenoid valve.
6.3 The spindle power source for tool release and air blowing is compressed air.

7 Machine Protection
7.1 Adopt a special guide rail protection hood or other effective protection method in the machining area.
7.2 The machine is surrounded by a closed shield, with beautiful appearance, clean and tidy.
7.3 The guide rail protection hood guarantees that the cooling liquid and iron chips will be safely and adequately recycled.

8 Machine Tool Library
The machine adopts advanced arm locking library with 24 tools. The tool change is completed by mechanical arm, fast and reliable.

9 Control System
9.1 The machine is configured with FANUC-0I-MF system and its supporting drive, which has reliable performance and full-function, and is easy to maintain.
9.2 The machine has a handheld operating unit, with user-friendly operation.
9.3 The main electrical components of the machine are Siemens brand, improving the reliability of electrical control.
9.4 The machine is configured with a standard 8.4-inch color display, with beautiful interface, simple and convenient operation.

Technical Parameters

Worktable area (length × width)mm1000×550
T-slot (slot number - slot width × spacing)mm5 -18×105
The maximum load of the worktablekg600
Worktable longitudinal travel (X)mm900
Worktable Horizontal travel (Y)mm600
Spindle box vertical travel (Z)mm600
distance from spindle end to worktable surfacemm70~670
distance from spindle center line to stand railmm650
Main motor power (AC)kW7.5/11
Main motor torque (AC)Nm38.5/70
Spindle maximum speedr/min8000
Spindle taper hole
7:24  ISO40
Tool holder Type
Feed rate: (X / Y / Z)m/min20
Fast moving speed: (X / Y / Z)m/min30/30/30
Tool library capacityPiece24Arm lock type
Tool selection
At will
Tool changing timeSec1.5
Maximum weight of toolkg7
The maximum diameter of adjacent toolmmΦ78
Maximum tool lengthmm300
Positioning accuracy (IS0 standard)mm0.009
Repeat positioning accuracy (IS0 standard)mm0.007
Machine weightkgAbout 5500
Machine dimensions (length × width × height)mmAbout 3000×2400×2400

Company Information

YANTAI HAIGE MAHINE TOOLS CO., LTD is mainly engaged in producing and selling bar peeling machines, straightening machines, polishing machines, auxiliary machines and other steel processing and finishing equipment for more than ten years.

Our products are at the top-level in this field in China. We have specialized R&D team who provide solid technical support and guarantee for our machines to keep technology leadership all the time. So far, we have produced and sold more than 1500 sets of equipment. Both the production quantity and market share rank the first in China.

Our company can provide perfect after-sale service and technical suppport all over the world. Till now, our products have been exported to Russia, Korea, India, Vietnam, North Korea, Pakistan, Taiwan, etc.


About Our Service:

A.Warranty period:1 year except for fast-wearing parts.

B.Immediate response when get informed of machine problem.

C.The machine operators of buyer's can be trained in our factory for free.

D.Provide long term free technical support.

E.If necessary,we can dispatch our well-trained and professional engineers to our customer's factories to help them with the machine installation and commissioning.

F.Customized design is available.OEM&ODM are welcomed.


Bright steels,Non-ferrous metals such as copper,titanium,magnesium,aluminum,Fasteners,

Auto parts,Springs,Hydraulics,Bearings,Machining.



1.Are you manufacturer or trading company?

We are professional manufacturer and we have more than 10 years experience in this field.We have our own factory.

Besides,at the end of 2014,we was just estabilished a trading company.

2.How many employees are there in your factory?

Approximately 150 persons.

3.Do you have your own R&D team?How many design engineers do you have?

Yes,we have our own R&D team.More than 10 persons.

4.Which countries have your machines been exported to now?

Russia,South Korea,North KOrea,Pakistan,India,Vietnam,Taiwan,etc.

We regard our customer's satisfaction as our unremitting pursuit.









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