High Speed CNC Horizontal Machining Center

High Speed CNC Horizontal Machining Center

The high speed CNC horizontal machining center is mainly composed to the following parts.

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The high speed CNC horizontal machining center is mainly composed to the following parts.

1 Lubrication System

1.1 The lubrication system is equipped with a centralized lubrication device, which regularly and quantitatively lubricates the guide rail and ball screw. In this way, it effectively protects the screw and the rail components and keeps the machine in high responsiveness.

1.2 The lubrication flow and lubrication time has been adjusted before leaving factory, so the user does not need to change them by himself.

1.3 The automatic and centralized lubrication device has alarm system, which works when the oil level is lower than the set value. At this time, the user needs to add lubricants timely.


2 Machine Cooling, Chip Removal

2.1 The work piece and the machine tool are cooled by high pressure spray coolant. Large flow of coolant is sprayed to cool the tool and the work piece during machining.

2.2 A hand-held dust gun is provided with the machine for the cleaning of cutting chips.


3 Pneumatic System

3.1 The machine uses compressed air to supply air for the machine air-cooling system and manual air guns. Users should bring their own dry, clean compressed air supply, the pressure of which should be no less than 0.6MPa.

3.2 The pneumatic system mainly includes filtering pressure-reducing valve, cylinder, three-position five-way valve, normally-closed two-position two-way valve, check valve and so on. The cooling head at the front of the spindle can be water cooled or air cooled by selection as needed.

3.3 The functions of the pneumatic system are controlled by PLC program through solenoid valve.





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