Where is the main purpose of the steel pipe straightening machine

- Feb 04, 2018-

Steel pipe straightening machine from the name can be understood that it is the role of straightening steel pipe, steel pipe is very common in the construction site, scaffolding building is used by a connecting pipe made of steel, because of the perennial outside, exposed to the weather for a long time experience, very easy to paint rust. Steel pipe bending deformation is also very common, not after the repair paint can not be used repeatedly, which also brought great workload to rent scaffolding businesses.

A few bent pipe can be manually adjusted straight, large amount of manual repair is powerless, so our company launched a special machine for straightening steel pipe, the pipe straightening is just one of its many functions in the steel straightening machine can be adjusted from until to rust, paint a step complete, one minute can complete 2 6 meter long steel pipe, the efficiency of hand can not be compared, no amount of waste steel for it is very easy to work.