What should be paid attention to in tube straightening machine?

- Feb 04, 2018-

Tube straightening machine, which in the process of operation, also is the need to pay attention to some of the corresponding items, that is to say, this machine is not operating blindly, lest make the damaged and can't work normally or use.

For tube straightening machine, the cautions in operation are as follows:

(1) if there is an emergency in the machine equipment, emergency shutdown should be made immediately, so as not to delay, so as not to enlarge the problem and cause more serious consequences.

(2) the relevant operators shall not post or leave the post after the machine is turned on, so as to avoid adverse effects.

(3) the pressure of the straightener should be appropriate and should be matched. If it is adjusted, it should be adjusted accordingly.

(4) when straightening the straightener, the operator cannot touch the moving parts and parts of the machine with the hand so as to avoid accidents or accidents.

(5) when the material has a problem and does not meet the requirements of straightening, it cannot be forced to straighten.