What is the process of peeling machine

- Nov 14, 2018-

Normally, a CNC peeling machine's process as below:

    loading rack > Pneumatic automatic handling arm > loading rollers > feeding device > front guide device > main spindle device > middle rear guide device > trolley device > output device > unloading rollers > pneumatic automatic handling arm.

    We manufacture two types of peeling machine,CNC and semi-automatic method,The above process is for CNC peeling machine,it can process all kinds of materials,such as:Titanium alloy, stainless steel, bearing steel, spring steel, alloy tool steel, carbon tool steel, high-speed tool steel, high-quality carbon steel, alloy structure steel, non-quenched and tempered steel,free cutting steel, gas valve steel, gear steel, mold steel and various non-ferrous metals, tubes and so on.

            The processing diameter range from our factory is widely,from 5-500mm,The features of the machine are: strong practicability, stable processing, fast speed, high efficiency, good surface quality. As a result of increasing the oil and gas lubrication device, the bearing life is extended many times, the spindle gear box transmission can be two speed shift, the main motor and gear box directly connected, easy to operate, revolving speed and processing range is wider. The tool can be adjusted online in the process of machining. After adding detection spots, the closed-loop online automatic material diameter control can be realized. The extracting trolley is driven by hydraulic proportional valve and directly controlled by encoder signal. The whole line of equipment is highly automatic. it has both automatic and manual control systems and is used interlock.