What are the functions of wire stripping machine

- Feb 04, 2018-

With the development of our country more and more industry fast, many factories will use stripping machine, then you know what are the functions of wire stripping machine?

1, electronic wire stripping machine, electronic wire stripping machine can be divided into semi automatic wire stripping machine with automatic wire stripping machine. Automatic wire stripping machine is also called the computer wire stripping machine generally adopts stepper motor or servo motor drive, or through the PLC microcontroller programming control, full automatic operation, it can specify the length and wire cut two peeling, while there are many enhancements to the models, such as supporting the middle peel small window support the multi wire twisted wire, wire, cable support for automatic support for multilayer insulation wire stripping layer; semi automatic wire stripping machine is the need for manual operation, it can effectively make up for the blank of automatic wire stripping machine, capable of processing automatic wire stripping machine can complete wire, cable, such as a large shell jacket wire core line.

2, the coaxial wire stripping machine: coaxial wire stripping machine is dedicated to processing the signal line, for example, audio line, router antenna, notebook computer data lines. Such wiring harnesses usually have 3 or more layers of protective layer. Generally, metal wire mesh is used to shield signal interference, and the machining accuracy is very high. It is almost impossible for hand to finish such wiring harness processing. For rotary cutting of the rotary cutter head with the axis of the wire stripping machine, precise layered peeling layers, high precision. It is also divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic machine, semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine needs manual operation and automatic coaxial cable stripping machine can be automatic without manual work.

3, waste cable stripping machine: scrap cable stripping machine is a kind of waste wire and cable recycling equipment, it can be a copper core cable with insulation layer separation, recovery. It usually uses a blade to cut the surface of the wire, and then it is extruded through a roller to separate the wire from the copper core. For thin and scattered waste line, copper and rice processing is generally used. Copper and rice machine can crush the wire and wire, and then use the water punch press to separate the copper particles from the wire skin.