To know our centerless lathe

- Jan 31, 2019-

The Working Principle of Centerless Lathe


As a kind of efficient cutting device, centerless lathe is prouded of by Yantai lathe industry. Here we provide a brief introduction of the centerless lathe to you.


Centerless lathe, generally known as peeling machine, is a kind of high-efficiency cutting machine used to process round steel, brass bar, titanium bar and other alloy round rod.


The reason for the origin of its name is that the certer part of the lathe is hollow and rounded with machine tools. The work-piece is set in the hollow position firstly. Then adjust the angle of inclination of tools( it decides the cutting depth). After pressing the button, the tools start turning to cut the work-piece. To be noticed, it is important that direct touch with the machine is prohibited to avoid injury.


Thanks to the wide cutting range and various models, customers can select their desirable machines upon their need. What we use them to do?


1. To get rid of active carbon on the surface of metal stock;

2. To get rid of mark or sign;

3. To gain a proper size to meet the need of the production of other items;

4. To make metal stock clean before producing bright steel;

5. To renew the metal stock exposed in the air or buried undergound for a long time;

6. To process steel bar or tube before plating nickel or chromium.