The working principle of centerless lathe

- Feb 04, 2018-

It is a kind of high efficiency rotary cutting device. Mainly processing round steel, copper rod, titanium rod and other metal cylindrical materials. Centerless lathe to make centerless lathe is so called because the middle of the centerless lathe is empty, surrounded by a cutter, here we will put processing of materials, and fixed, and then adjust the knife dish Angle (Angle determines the cutting depth, according to customer's actual needs to cutting), press the button, the knife dish began to do high-speed cutting motion, it is important to note that in the process, don't direct contact with the centerless lathe, so as to avoid injury.

The centerless lathe that our company produces is large, the model is various, the customer can choose according to the actual situation, so, when we use the centerless lathe?

One is to remove the surface activated carbon of steel materials; The second is to remove the marks or marks on the surface of the steel material; Third, the current thickness of steel materials can not meet the actual production demand; When the steel tube factory is to produce precise and bright steel, it is necessary to do simple surface cleaning for the steel first. Five is the steel material renovation, because of the long time exposed or buried under the ground, and the use of value, can use the centerless lathe reprocessing; Six is the production of nickel plating or chromium plated steel tubes, also need the centerless lathe to do surface processing first.

The centerless lathe not only can process metal rod material, but also can process the wire, not only saves the resource, the processing efficiency is also very fast, it is the pride of the flaking machine industry of yantai.