The future development orientation and principle introduction of the centerless grinder

- Feb 04, 2018-

A kind of grindless grinder is a kind of grinding machine which does not need the axis of the workpiece to be grinded. Is composed of a grinding wheel, a wheel and a workpiece support adjustment of three institutions, which served as a grinding wheel grinding wheel control work, adjust the rotation of the workpiece, and the workpiece feed speed and workpiece support occurred, but when grinding to support the workpiece the three parts can be combined with several methods, but stop grinding except the principle is the same. A centerless grinder with transverse dimension shortening is especially suitable for being used in a small installation space, and it can meet the simplification and space saving requirements of various production lines. Because the grinding wheel dressing unit is placed on the tilted downward position on the grinding wheel, it is not necessary to maintain a space for grinding wheel dressing unit on the side side of the grinding wheel, which is most closely related to the lateral dimension of the traditional centerless grinder. As a result, the transverse dimension of centerless grinder can be greatly reduced, and the grinder can be installed in a small installation space, so as to meet the simplification and space saving requirements of various production lines. A grinding machine used for grinding the rotating surface of a workpiece by the method of centerless grinding usually refers to a centerless grinding machine. In a centerless cylindrical grinder, the workpiece is placed between the grinding wheel and the guide wheel, supported by a bracket and a guide wheel, without a top centering and support.

The grinding wheel is usually installed at the end of the spindle, and the large unintentional round grinder on the 250 millimeter grinding wheel is placed in the middle of the main shaft, and the maximum width of the grinding wheel is up to 900 millimeters. The grinding wheel is rotated at a high speed, and the guide wheel rotates at a slow speed, driving the workpiece to rotate for circumference feed. Through grinding, the axial feed is achieved by adjusting the tiny inclination angle of the guide shaft, which is suitable for grinding long and thin cylindrical workpiece, short shaft and sleeve workpiece without central hole. When entering grinding, radial feed is carried out through the movement of the guide frame or the grinding wheel rack, which is suitable for grinding the workpiece with shoulder shafts or bosses, and the cone, sphere or other prime lines are curvilinear parts. The centerless grinder has higher productivity, and it is easy to realize automation with all kinds of loading and unloading devices. Most of them are used for mass production, and can be operated by less skilled workers. The grinding precision of the centerless grinding machine is generally as follows: the roundness is 2 microns, the dimensional precision is 4 microns, and the high precision centerless grinding machine can reach 0.5 microns and 2 microns respectively. In addition, there are unintentional inner circle grinder and unintentional screw grinder. The centerless grinding machine can be automatically trimmed and automatically compensated. The guide wheel feed guide is a double V needle roller guide wheel, and the servo motor is used to compensate the grinding wheel with the grinding wheel. The machine tool is equipped with an automatic feeding mechanism, which can be used for automatic grinding.