Supply of Mask Making Machine

- Mar 27, 2020-

We start to provide Mask Making Machine due to the demands of this kind of machine  have gradually increased since the COVID-19 outbreak.The whole mask production line includes mask making machine and sterilizer.

This production line is capable of producing standard surgical face masks/disposable masks.This 

process is fully automated, the product parameters are easily controlled and monitored by the operating system.

Here are some tips about how to wear face mask correctly:

Face masks must be worn correctly,otherwise it is useless.when you wear the mask,make sure the string side is on the top and the mask should cover your nose perfectly,then you need to squeez the string to fit your nose and face properly,if it is loose,then you have to adjust the the both elastic ear hooks to fit tightly on your face.

Since currently the facemasks are not always available,everyone should use masks carefully and keep it clean and it should folded with the outer surface inward and keep it in a clean sealable bag if you are going to reuse it. 

We believe we can get through this catastrophe as long as we follow goverment's guide,keep  social distancing ,have good hygiene behavior.We hope Corona virus will be over soon.