Show you straighteners.

- Feb 04, 2018-

Straightening machine is made out of bending defects caused by many factors in the process of processing steel. Straightening machine can be straightened.

Relocate part of the straightening machine can be realized without lifting automatic pay-off, relocate part should choose to install in six to eight meters outside the reinforced straightening machine front end, so that we can ensure there is enough over the length of the rich content and tension in the process of straightening steel bar. The preset part of straightening machine mainly relies on the rectifying wheel to complete the stress relief, and its preset part consists of the stress wheel adjusting square tile, the shelf, the plate seat, the stress wheel and so on. The straightening part of the straightening machine USES its flatness to complete the rectifying part of the surface material. It is composed of shafts, straighteners and straighteners. The traction feeding part of the straightener is mainly composed of two parts: the front box and the back box.