Precautions for the use of straightening machine

- Feb 04, 2018-

1, before starting the straightener, we must check whether the gear oil in the hydraulic station, the gearbox and the transmission box is filled. If the machine is not used, the machine will not damage the machine without oil.

2. Before the starting of the main motor, the inspection and adjustment of the working pressure of the angle and the hydraulic system are carried out.

3. Injecting a proper amount of lubricating oil into each lubricating point to check the transmission part of the two roll straightener to ensure the flexible loading and loading.

4, the staff wear good work uniforms and safety non - measures, do not leave the post after opening the machine.

5. When the oil temperature and oil pressure of the hydraulic station of the machine are stable, the upper straightening roller is raised to the initial position.

6, the staff will need to straighten the steel pipe, and press down to clamp.

7, open the main motor, the steel tube is rotating and straightened by the two roll straightener.

8. When the motor is stopped, the machine stops straightening, the upper straightening roller is lifted, and the straightened steel pipe is sent out.

9. If the reversal straightening is needed, the reverse straightening can be made by pressing the reversing knob on the operating table and pressing the two roll straightener in the opposite direction.

10, the main motor stops, the straightening roller is stopped straightening, the steel pipe is returned to the starting position, and the next straightening program instruction will be repeated.