Instruction of straightening machine

- Oct 13, 2018-

In order to effectively obtain the steel with the correct geometry, the rolling parts need to be straightened on the straightening machine, so the straightening machine is an important mechanical equipment in the steel rolling production, and it is also widely used in various workshops where is used as rolling material. Attention points for operation of straightener 1)Before using the straightener, it is necessary to effectively check whether all fasteners of the equipment are tightened and whether the belt is tightened. The straightener is required to effectively check whether the electrical equipment is complete, and the direction of the spindle operation of the equipment must conform to the arrow direction shown on the protective cover. 2):Effectively check the comminution room of its straightener has its metal and other hard sundries, otherwise it will directly break the tool, so it will directly affect the operation of the machine, the material must check its purity before comminution, in use is not allowed to have metal hard sundries mixed, to avoid breaking the tool or cause combustion and other accidents. 3)Straightening machine oil cup should often inject its lubricating oil, so that to a certain extent can effectively ensure the operation of the machine, the equipment needs to stop feeding before the shutdown, if not continue to use, to remove the remnants of the machine, regularly check whether the tool with the screen is damaged, if there is damage, should be replaced immediately. 4)Straightener in the use of the process of its body will produce its small vibration, in the use of the lid must be connected to the handle tighten, so as to avoid the accident to a certain extent. 5) In order to effectively realize the automation of the control of the straightening machine in the process of use, the automation system of the control of the research, the system requires the statistics of data and the quality control of the shape of the plate and other functions, the equipment design goal is to achieve the automatic judgment of the shape of the incoming material plate and the selection of the process parameters of the straightening machine