How to improve the lifespan of the polishing machine

- Feb 04, 2018-

Whether the polishing machine is operated correctly or not is closely related to its service life. It is often seen that the same product is used in different factory buildings. It is also very different to see the attrition of the polishing machine. The use of machines and the incorrect use of unskilled workers, the machine is installed on the approach is not accurate and the power supply and a series of problems, even without the views of manufacturers of polishing machine parts held without modification, not provided according to the manufacturer's safety operation rules to use and so on are associated with a lot of problems.

Polishing machine is the most commonly used and most important step in metallographic samples. When polishing machine is polishing, the surface of the sample should be parallel to the polishing discs, and it should be pressed evenly on the discs. We should pay attention to prevent the samples from flying and produce new grinding marks due to too much pressure. It should also make sample rotation and move back and forth along the radius direction of the turntable, in order to prevent local wear too fast polishing fabric in the polishing process to increase the powder suspension, the polishing fabric will keep humidity. Too much moisture grinding polishing effect is weakened, the samples in hard phase showed relief and nonmetal inclusion in cast iron and graphite have a "tail drag" phenomenon; humidity is too small, due to friction will cause the sample temperature, smooth decrease, grinding to lose luster, and even spots, light alloy the appearance of throwing injury.