How does a bring bar line work

- Mar 30, 2020-

The demand of bright bar production line is increasing largely before the pandemic outbreak.All of the world are fighting with the COVID-19 now,some of the customers from  not severely afftected country still enquire about the production line, so let's talk about how this line work?

Bright Bars are defined as carbon steel alloy bars; which have surface condition improved by drawing, peeling or grinding. Bright Bars are geometrically in precise shape and have tight dimensional tolerances. Bright Bars are available in rounds, flats, hexagonals and squares.

Bright Bars have accurate dimensions and are directly used for shafting and other applications. As ‘rolled bars’, i.e., the so called Black Bars generally need some amount of surface machining before they can be put to use.

Specifically,our factory provide the production line only for round bar,the process of it as below:

Pre-straightening--peeling--reeling/precision straightening--chamfering--centerless grinding-- NDT

Some of the customers may not need chamfering or NDT, it depends on their customers's need or their raw material condition.We have a experienced R&D team which can provide a solid project particularly for your need.