Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing system includes: ultrasonic probe tracking car, longitudinal ultrasonic probe, cross wave ultrasonic probe, ultrasonic flaw detector.

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ultrasonic testing

Yantai Haige Machine Tools Co., Ltd. Was built in 1999, which specializes in producing steel finishing equipment, such as ultrasonic testing, Series JY Bar Straightening Machine, Abrasive Belt Ginder, Drawing Machine, Shot Blasting Machine, Centerless Grinding Machine, CNC skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine and Auxiliary Machine etc. We also engage in continuous hard chrome plating equipment and heat treatment equipment.

Ultrasonic testing system includes: ultrasonic probe tracking car, longitudinal ultrasonic probe, cross wave ultrasonic probe, ultrasonic flaw detector.

Main Features:

(1) It has a modular composition. The module can work independently and is easy to maintain.

(2) The monitoring software and equipment are connected through network. The monitoring software analyzes the detecting data and generates inspection reports and historical records.

(3) The equipment abandons the traditional industrial computer plug-in structure, without hard drive or memory slots, and works stably at site of frequent vibration.

(4) It supports a variety of testing programs, online testing and off-line testing, automatic and manual start and stop, time drive and encoder drive through parameter configuration.

(5) It supports a variety of probes, including straight probe, oblique probe and double crystal probe. The pulse launch amplitude is 600V and pulse width can be adjusted.

(6) It uses high-resolution AD converter, with a sampling speed of 100MHz and fidelity waveform height.

(7) It applies hardware filtering and rapidly and effectively filter the interfering noise.

(8) It has a greater detection range. In detecting steel, zero interface incident longitudinal wave can achieve continuous adjustment within 1200mm detection range.

(9) It can display A scan echo and B scan echo. It is optional to view the positive half and negative half of the waveform, full waveform and RF waveform of the A scan echo.

(10) Each gate can be disabled or enabled. The door position, door width and door height are adjustable. The work gate can be set as entering wave alarm or lost wave alarm.

(11) Concealing function

(12) The instrument supports remote maintenance function






The way of flaw detection

Water-film coupling


Speed of flaw detection

When the external diameter of steel bar is 120mm, the detection speed is not less than 8 m / min.


Detection sensitivity

Central transverse hole 0.8x 25mm (diameter < 180)

Central transverse hole 1.0 x 25mm / L 180 ≤ less than diameter ≤ 300)

Surface groove (depth × width × length 0.3X0.1X25mm)


Equipment comprehensive performance index

SNR: ≥ 8 dB;
Leakage rate: 0;
False alarm rate: ≤ 1%;









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