Eddy Current Testing

Eddy current testing system includes: eddy current probe tracking car, eddy current probe, eddy current detector and so on.

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eddy current testing

Yantai Haige Machine Tools Co., Ltd. Was built in 1999, which specializes in producing steel finishing equipment, such as eddy current testing, Series JY Bar Straightening Machine, Abrasive Belt Ginder, Drawing Machine, Shot Blasting Machine, Centerless Grinding Machine, CNC skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine and Auxiliary Machine etc. We also engage in continuous hard chrome plating equipment and heat treatment equipment.

Based on 15 years manufacture and design experience, our machines have been exported to Russia Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Iran, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

Eddy current testing system includes: eddy current probe tracking car, eddy current probe, eddy current detector and so on.

The eddy current probe is placed in the eddy current probe tracking car. Eddy current testing adopts point differential probe, a total of eight detection channels. Multi-channel probes are arranged in a line. The probe of each channel can be replaced separately. There is no need to replace the eddy current probe and the probe tracker when changing the size of the bar.

The frequency of eddy current testing is about 50 kHz. Eddy current flaw detector has two kinds of display modes: vector spot and time base scan, and two alarm modes: amplitude and sector. In addition, the instrument also has functions like the end signal cutting and automatic counting of the number of defects and the number of bars.




Eddy current testing technical index

(1) Mode of flaw detection: point probe type

(2) Detecting speed: matching the depth of ultrasonic flaw detection.

(3) Testing sensitivity : surface groove ( depth × width × length ) 0.2X0.1X25mm

(4) equipment comprehensive performance index:

SNR: ≥ 8 dB;

Leakage rate : 0 ;

False alarm rate: ≤ 1%;

Stability sensitivity fluctuation is less than 2dB

End blind area ≤ 50mm

(5) The processing of the detection defect: the sound / light alarming signal is given immediately; and the marking system is used to mark the standard, the circumferential marking precision is better than 50mm, and the separation of the original and the waste is realized.

(6) Flaw detection statistics: immediately on the screen of the flaw detection instrument to display the quantity of genuine and waste products.

(7) Record and store: according to card number, branch number (including furnace number, steel grade, etc.) record, store and output print test parameters, test results and detection curve (can store one year's inspection data.

(8) Print detection report: compile and print detection report.










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