Factory Price High Quality Hydraulic Rock Breaker Excavator

Factory Price High Quality Hydraulic Rock Breaker Excavator

Production Description : 1.HGB hydraulic breaker are widely used for construction, demolition, mining, quartering and special sites(underwater project, tunnel project), etc. 2.Advanced technology: A. Heat resistance and abrasion resistance. B. Low oil consumption design. This reduces the oil...

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What makes HGB hydraulic breaker different from other for popular sale.

The most advanced and the best hydraulic breaker from China.

The hydraulic breaker is used for breaking or demolition.The power should be the first thing we should think about.

a. max power hydraulic breaker is designed with pneumatic and hydraulic power driving together. The quick inflated power can enlarge the piston impacting power obviouslly.

b. The precision tolerance control between piston and cylinder can make sure minimum hydraulic power loss while the piston moving in the cylinder before impacting the tool head.

c. Choosing good material for piston, cylinder,seal kits is also making the minimum hydraulic power loss while piston moving.

d. Longer piston stroke design is also a feature whick makes bigger impact power than others.

e. Accumulator device can collect more power for next impacting meanwhile protecting the excavator hydraulic system

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Body weight (incl. chisel)kg214
Total weightkg334
Size (L*W*H)mm1515*295*735
Hydraulic oil flowl/min50~90
Hydraulic pressurekg/cm2120~150
Blow frequency bmp400~800
Chisel diametermm75
Carrier weightton6~9

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