300 400 450 Excavator Hydraulic Rock Breaker Box Silence

Application: 1. Mining: Mountains, mining, crushing, secondary crushing. 2. Metallurgy, slag cleaning, ladle furnace demolition, demolition equipment foundation body dissatisfied. 3. Railway: tunnel, bridge, mountain down. 4. Highway: highway repair, cement pavement broken, foundation excavation. 5. Municipal gardens: concrete crushing, water,electricity, gas engineering construction, the transformation of the old city. 6. Building: the old building demolition, reinforced concrete broken. 7.The ship hull in mussels. 8. Other: ice breaking, breaking the Vibrating Sand.

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Warning 1. Safety precaution guide 1. When not in use, lower the breaker to the ground and turn off the host. 2. Lifting heavy objects with a breaker is extremely dangerous. 3. Personnel and equipment should be kept away from the machine during operation. The stones broken by the hammer may cause major accidents. 4. When working, operators should wear safety helmets, glasses, gloves, earplugs, work shoes and safety clothing. 5. Do not touch any part of the breaker before the hydraulic oil cools to avoid burns. 2. Important matters 1. Check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient and clean. 2. Check whether the hoses, bolts and nuts are firmly connected. 3. Add grease to  oil cup to lubricate  drill rod. 4. Do not use the breaker in the water. 5. Continuous working time cannot exceed 1 minute at the same place. 6. When the piston rod of the excavator cylinder is at the end (the longest or shortest), the breaker cannot be operated. 7. The nitrogen chamber and accumulator cannot be filled with any gas other than nitrogen. 8. If the warning label is not clear and complete, please replace it in time. Please ask the dealer for the label. Three, general safety regulations 1. Before operating this equipment, you must be familiar with this manual and the warning labels attached to each part of the machine. 2. When operating the breaker, it is necessary to standardize the operation. If necessary, the host can be set at a low speed position. 3. Before starting, carefully check whether the control lever and pedal are in the middle gear. 4. When leaving the host, the forearm should be lowered first, and then shut down or in neutral. 5. Turn off the engine before maintaining, adjusting or repairing the breaker and main engine. 6. When the oil temperature is higher than 80°C/175°F, the operation cannot be started. High temperature operation will damage the internal parts of the breaker and reduce the performance of the breaker. 7. Do not disassemble the nut, hose and hard pipe immediately after the operation, otherwise it will cause high-temperature hydraulic oil to spray out. 8. The broken hammer that is damaged, leaking, or not adjusted can not be operated. 9. Do not change any structure of the breaker at will. 10. Please use the drill rods of our company. Use drill rods of other companies to cause any damage to the breaker. Our company does not provide any service. 11. During transportation, the breaker must be disassembled from  host. 12. Keep this manual well.
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Export sea-worthy packing(plastic fully covers and iron fasten)

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