Centerless Peeling Machine For Metal Rod

Series WXC Centerless Peeling machine is a high-efficiency lathe which is specialized in processing the surface of steel round bar and steel wire rod, for example, straightening, peeling, cutting and polishing, etc. Not only quickly remove surface hardened layer, cracks and other defects, but also can get high precision. During processing, the bar doesn’t rotate itself. The cutting tools rotates at high speed to peel the surface of the bar. At the same time, after peeled , the bar keeps walking forward. Shapes of Workpiece are requested long steel round bar and steel wire rod.
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centerless peeling lathe machine for steel round bar

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centerless peeling lathe machine for steel round bar centerless peeling lathe machine for steel round bar

centerless peeling lathe machine for steel round bar

centerless peeling lathe machine for steel round bar

Technical Parameters

i Raw Materials

a Materials: stainless steel, bearing steel, spring steel, alloy tool steel, carbon tool steel, high-speed tool steel, premium carbon steel, alloy structural steel, non hardening and tempering steel, free-cutting steel, valve steel, gear steel, mold steel, and various non-ferrous metal and pipes.

b Weight capacity                 ≤5000Kg

c  Dimensions:

   Diameter range:               Φ45-Φ135

   Diameter deviation:            GB702-86 two sets of standard

   Straightness:     2

   Length range:    2.5M-6M

ii Finished articles

 a Diameter range:   Φ40130

 b Dimension precision:  ≤h11

 c Roughness Ra:       ≤3.2

 d Roundness: not bigger than diameter it can behalf of roundness tolerance

iii Main technological parameter

 a Cutting depth:         0.25-2.5mm

 b Revolution speed of cutter head: 860r/min(3level,frequency regulated)

 c Feeding speed(CVT):    0.3-4m/min

 d main motor power:      75kW 6 stage

 e Feeding motor power: 4 KW

iv  Energy Resource medium parameter

   a voltage:             3×380V±10%

   b frequency:            50HZ±2%

   c equipped capacity:      95KW

   d aerodynamic volume:    0.5m3/min

   e coolant flow capacity:    200L/min

v  Equipment constitute

    a loading rack:                     one set

    b loading roller table:               one set

 c main machine:                   one set

       (1)clamping device:             one set

       (2) front guide device:            one set

       (3) main spindle device:           one set

       (4)middle-rear guide device:       one set

       (5) clamping car device:           one set

       (6) blanking roller table:           one set

    d unloading roller table:              one set

    e unloading rack:                   one set


1. Are you manufacturer or Trading Company?

We are professional manufacturer and we have more than 10 years experience in this fiel. We have our own factory. Besides, at the end of 2014, we was just estalished a trading company.

2. How many employees are there in your factory?

Approximately 150 persons.

3. Do you have your own R&D team? How many design engineers do you have?

Yes, we have our own R&D team. More than 10 persons.

4. Which countries have your machines been exported to now?

Russia, South Korea, North Korea, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Taiwan,etc.

Packaging & Shipping

we have much experience in exporting transportation packaging.

Taking multi protection measures:

The first layer

wrapping with foam film and stretch film for the special components, in order to avoid moisture.

Second layer

inside of plywood box, adopting small square plywood block and strapping belt to fix.

Third layer

the machine itself has screw fixing holes, so it can be tightly fixed on the bottom of the plywood box through screw and nut.

Fourth layer

in a container, by compact layout, reducing the gap between boxes to avoid shaking. At the same time, reinforcing between the bottom of the container and plywood boxes once again, furthermore using hanging steel wire protection.

centerless peeling lathe machine for steel round bar centerless peeling lathe machine for steel round bar

centerless peeling lathe machine for steel round bar centerless peeling lathe machine for steel round bar


centerless peeling lathe machine for steel round bar


Compared with ordinary lathe

1. Ordinary lathe has great restriction for processing long shaft.

Centerless lathe can process the bar of infinite length in theory.

2. Centerless lathe can process not only bars, but also wire rod, including wire rod to wire rod, and wire rod to bar.

3. The working efficiency of centerless lathe is dozens of the ordinary lathe, its processing speed is 1~12m/min.

4. High precision. After peeling, the tolerance of diameter reach≤IT9, surface roughness≤6.3μm.

Export packiing

Our Services

After-sale Service System

1. Free quality guarantee period for 12 months

2. Free long-term technical support

3. Free train for buyer's operator in our factoty

4. Fast response service within 24 hours

5. Our engineers can offer overseas service, including guiding intallation, commissioning, training, etc.


Any question , please feel free to ask me .

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