Yantai Haige International Trading Co.,Ltd

What We Do Yantai Haige Machine Tools Co.,Ltd. was built in 1999 Yantai Haige Machine Tools Co.,Ltd. was built in 1999,which is mainly producing series WXC Centerless Lathe(Bar Peeling Machine),Series JY Bar Straightening Machine,Abrasive Belt Grinder (Belt Sander Polishing Machine),Drawing machine,Shot Blasting Machine,Centerless Grinding Machine,CNC Skiving and Roller Burnishing Machine and Auxiliary machine,etc. We also engage in plating

Hot Products

    • Hot Forging Machine

      Hot Forging Machine

      This hot forging machine is mainly used in the hot open forging process of the blank parts and ring parts,and other hot forging,hot die forging

    • Hard Chrome Plating Equipment

      Hard Chrome Plating Equipment

      The system is energy saving and environmental protection to make products with the discharge of waste water chromium free.

    • Annealing Furnace

      Annealing Furnace

      The annealing furnace is mainly used for annealing of large carbon steel and alloy steel parts,surface quenching and tempering;welding parts that eliminate stress annealing,aging and other heat treatment processes.The annealing furnace is an energy-saving periodic furnace,which adopts the super...